Who am I? My name is Jackie and I am a therapist with a special interest in stress management. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and have a master’s degree in counseling psychology.  I am an avid yoga practitioner and find the time spent “on my mat” is directly related to my stress level.  I have worked for one off the largest hospital systems in the metro Atlanta area as a counselor in emergency medicine and in drug rehab. I have worked in community mental health and in private practice.  I have worked with children, adults, teens and families with behavioral health issues and individuals who are trying to beat drug dependence.  Many times, I have been the point of contact when folks have reached their wit’s end and don’t know where to turn. My hope is that I can share my professional knowledge and personal experience in a plain-language, non-technical format that can be helpful to anyone. So here, in this place it will just be me talking to you – one person to another about ways I have found to manage stress.

A bit of history – I am a former financial analyst/workaholic who decided a bit before midlife to change careers and follow my heart into counseling psychology. I also spent the last three years homeschooling my son thru those horrible middle school years while working weekends. As he is transitioning back to public school, I finally have some time to try my hand at writing. I hope you find enjoyment, good ideas and maybe a bit of humor in my musings and feel free to leave comments!!

A little update:  since beginning this blog eight years ago, so much has transpired:

My son is now 21 and currently working towards a degree in Electronics Technology.  I loved yoga so much that I went back to school to train as a yoga teacher.  I did my certified yoga teacher training at Etowah Valley Yoga http://etowahvalleyyoga.com/ and  I am registered with Yoga Alliance  as a RYT200 level teacher https://www.yogaalliance.org/.  My family has moved to South Georgia and we are blessed to have a chance to be close to family.  My career took up most of my time over the last eight years, but once again I have come to a time and place to be able to slow down a bit and enjoy writing again.