If you haven’t read the articles All in Your Head and Nurture Your Soul you may want to read these prior to the current post  as I will be expanding on these ideas.  I recently watched wonderful movie called The Secret and it brought together many of the ideas I have been studying in my inspirational books.  I will be spending time expanding on many of these ideas, but the first one I want to talk about is the attitude of gratitude.

Remember, how we react to events in our life and the beliefs we have about those events affect our stress level.  But our reactions, self talk and attitude affect more than our stress level, these things affect our overall life focus and entire emotional make up!  If you have read any material on abundance and prosperity or the law of attraction, you begin to realize that our thoughts can affect what we attract into our lives.  This goes a step further from the power of positive thinking affecting our emotional state to say that this can also affect the very fabric/structure of our lives.  It means trusting God to oversee your life and guide you to your destiny.

In my life I have been through many trials and in younger times I would wonder Where is God while I am suffering? Why did He let so many hurtful things happen to me?  In my older and hopefully wiser mind I have come to understand that everything I have experienced up to this point in my life has had a purpose or lesson for me.  All of the bad things I experienced shaped me to be the person I am today and without these I would not have gained the knowledge and life experience it takes to be the counselor I am.  I don’t just listen to people and give support; I can understand and empathize with my patients.  I have been where they are and understand many of the emotional stages one must go through to heal.  If not for those lessons in my early life, I would not be who I am today.  For those lessons, I can now thank God because I do finally understand their significance and necessity.

It’s a pretty big step to thank God for the lessons, but it is at that point that I have finally found peace.