I looked up to notice the date and realized it is September already.  I am so looking forward to the Fall.  My energy level always soars during those first chilly mornings.  I always find myself wanting to get back to nature, walk in the woods, stay in a cabin in the mountains, go to arts festivals.  This is my favorite season.

My summer flew by!! I have been working hard in my practice and I am enjoying working with such a wonderful diverse set of folks.  I have been too busy working the new practice and still working weekends at my old job that I have not had much down time/reflection time (and no time to blog, obviously).  I have to be careful to not go back to that place of overworked and overstressed.  It looks like I will only have to keep working the two jobs until the end of the year or so (waiting on those pesky insurance companies to pay!!!).  I am limiting myself to five full workdays per week and taking Friday and Saturday for me and family.  It’s all about balance!!!

Sometimes it is hard to practice what you preach, but I am working towards an ultimate goal of balance between work, family, home and ME.  Peace to all.

God bless!