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Where did summer go?

I looked up to notice the date and realized it is September already.  I am so looking forward to the Fall.  My energy level always soars during those first chilly mornings.  I always find myself wanting to get back to nature, walk in the woods, stay in a cabin in the mountains, go to arts festivals.  This is my favorite season.

My summer flew by!! I have been working hard in my practice and I am enjoying working with such a wonderful diverse set of folks.  I have been too busy working the new practice and still working weekends at my old job that I have not had much down time/reflection time (and no time to blog, obviously).  I have to be careful to not go back to that place of overworked and overstressed.  It looks like I will only have to keep working the two jobs until the end of the year or so (waiting on those pesky insurance companies to pay!!!).  I am limiting myself to five full workdays per week and taking Friday and Saturday for me and family.  It’s all about balance!!!

Sometimes it is hard to practice what you preach, but I am working towards an ultimate goal of balance between work, family, home and ME.  Peace to all.

God bless! 


Enjoy Mother’s Day

As this is Mother’s Day weekend, I wanted to remind all of the moms out there to take some time for self nurturing.  And to all of the dads and kids, remember how wonderful and special that lovely lady is on this day.  So what are my plans for Sunday?  My son’s gift is to be my servant for the day, so while I lounge in bed on Sunday reading magazines and possibly a paperback, he will bring me breakfast and coffee refills.  At come point in the afternoon, when I make it down the stairs, we will be BBQing on the back porch.  My favorite way to spend this holiday is at home having a lazy day with my family.  Your idea may be a lovely brunch out, a picnic in the park, or an afternoon at the beach.  However you spend your day, make sure to take some time for rest and reflection and let your family take care of you for a day!

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Have a most lovely day.  And last but not least for my own dear mom, 



As I have mentioned the increased stress related to working at home after hours (answering email, phone calls, and pagers) and the importance of personal time, I wanted to share this great website.  What I really like about this fellow is that, like me, he is a former workaholic.  I see so much of my former life as a financial analyst here.

I especially like the article “Company collapses: CEO forgot to check e-mail last night”

Here’s the link – enjoy!!!

Personal time, home time, and family time seem to have gone the way of the rotary dial telephone.  However, one of the best ways to start de-stressing your life is to establish some healthy boundaries and begin to experience true down time.

Two of the best new gadgets that have come out in the last few years are caller ID and voice mail.  Most people already have these and if you don’t, I would suggest investing the few dollars it takes to add this service.  Now the hard part of this is training the family and having the self discipline to actually begin setting house rules on private time.

Schedule time after work each day when you don’t answer the phone, pager, or e-mail.  Better yet, put all devices on silent and let all calls go to voice mail for that time.  Start with an hour during dinner and slowly expand that time to include most of the hours after work.  Decide which calls automatically go to voice mail in the evenings if you do decide to leave the ringer on.  Most everyone in my family knows not to answer work related calls for me after 5pm unless they ask first.  (The call I got last evening at 8pm from my boss was answered by my dear hubby before he checked the caller ID.  I would have let it go to voice mail.)  If there is an urgent issue, the person can leave a voice mail and I can decide if it is an urgent matter for me.  Remember someone else’s lack of planning does not make a matter your emergency!

For kids and teens, set ground rules for telephone conversations during dinnertime, homework time, and after a certain hour in the evenings. I don’t take kindly to folks calling my house after 9pm.  It was considered rude when I was a kid and I still think it is rude today. Call me old fashioned if you must. I also don’t mind giving a free lesson in manners to any kid who calls my house after 9pm!!!  It’s never too early to learn good habits.

I will be covering the importance of self-nurturing in a later article, but for now make sure you use at least some of this unplugged time to begin connecting with your family, your friends, or to spend some much needed time on YOU, not for laundry catch up, paying the bills, or other have-to’s.

Who am I? and an Update

Who am I? My name is Jackie and I am a therapist with a special interest in stress management. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and have a master’s degree in counseling psychology.  I am an avid yoga practitioner and find the time spent “on my mat” is directly related to my stress level.  I have worked for one off the largest hospital systems in the metro Atlanta area as a counselor in emergency medicine and in drug rehab. I have worked in community mental health and in private practice.  I have worked with children, adults, teens and families with behavioral health issues and individuals who are trying to beat drug dependence.  Many times, I have been the point of contact when folks have reached their wit’s end and don’t know where to turn. My hope is that I can share my professional knowledge and personal experience in a plain-language, non-technical format that can be helpful to anyone. So here, in this place it will just be me talking to you – one person to another about ways I have found to manage stress.

A bit of history – I am a former financial analyst/workaholic who decided a bit before midlife to change careers and follow my heart into counseling psychology. I also spent the last three years homeschooling my son thru those horrible middle school years while working weekends. As he is transitioning back to public school, I finally have some time to try my hand at writing. I hope you find enjoyment, good ideas and maybe a bit of humor in my musings and feel free to leave comments!!

A little update:  since beginning this blog eight years ago, so much has transpired:

My son is now 21 and currently working towards a degree in Electronics Technology.  I loved yoga so much that I went back to school to train as a yoga teacher.  I did my certified yoga teacher training at Etowah Valley Yoga and  I am registered with Yoga Alliance  as a RYT200 level teacher  My family has moved to South Georgia and we are blessed to have a chance to be close to family.  My career took up most of my time over the last eight years, but once again I have come to a time and place to be able to slow down a bit and enjoy writing again.