My wife is an avid yoga practicer( I guess that’s what you call it). She performs yoga almost every night and says it really makes her feel better. She read the 10 rules to yoga to me the other day but I forgot them I really need to get a copy as a lot of the rules or mantra of yoga was really right along my core thought processes.

I’ve been thinking of taking up yoga, but I’m a little scared. Not that my kid will laugh at me, even though he will. I’m more concerned that I will not be able to strike the yoga poses correctly I guess I could give it a shot and see if it could help my health. I’m not in bad health but there are definitely areas I could improve on.

So what are your thoughts should an old out of shape man try to pick up yoga? Or should I keep making excuses as to why I don’t want to realize the benefits that yoga may offer me?

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